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five good reasons why you’ll make money with us

  • You take a big percentage as commission. We pay you 60% of our net profits!
    By net profits we mean the revenue from the sale minus our costs. The lion’s share goes to you.
  • You’ll get access to our best performing ads -- the ones with the highest conversion rate, including buttons, banners, text links, classified ads, e-mail promotions, and even pop-ups! Ready to use and tested.
  • You won’t lose your commission if the visitor delays the decision. Any visitor you send to us, even those who don’t buy right away but come back to our site and buy later, generates a full commission for you. (Procrastinators don't even need to go through your site the second time.)
  • You’ll be instantly notified every time you make a sale. Whenever your visitors click to our site and buy, we'll let you know. Plus, you can monitor your daily and monthly sales stats, conversion rates, and earnings through your control panel. You can even review your account history, which shows all sales you’ve made since joining.
  • You’ll get our full support. We are here to answer your questions, and recommend the best ways to work with YOUR existing web site and/or list. Immediately after joining, you’ll get personalized access to our private Affiliate Resources, where you can learn the exact techniques top affiliates use.

Grab your share

We pay our affiliates over 60% of our net profit! This means the affiliate who actually generates the sale (you) profits the most from the transaction. Your unique link is specially coded and tracks your orders automatically.

We will supply HTML snippets and text for links, classified or ezine ads, banner ads, reviews, and email promotions. All you need to do is "Copy and Paste" the code provided into your web site or email messages!

Participating in our affiliate program is free to you. No need to buy expensive promotions kits, or commiting yourself to a monthly subscription; there’s never any cost to you. Best of all, commisions from sales are higher than revenue from pay per click and you get paid faster.

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The hard work is done --take advantage

The largest comission rate is worthless if your visitors don’t BUY the products you’re promoting! We offer a well researched product people really want, supported by sales letters that work.

We know most web surfers are merely looking for information. They’re skeptical, and rightly so. When they read about a product, they want to sleep over it. For these reasons, we address directly the two decisive moments in this process:

  • When your visitors see your ad… your web site ad, e-mail promo, or pop-up must be ultra-motivating, or your visitors won’t bother clicking.
  • Once your visitors click through, the product sales letter must grab their attention, overcome their objections, create urgency, reassure and convince for them to buy. The percentage of click-through that turns into sales is called your “conversion rate.”

That’s why we work closely with professional ad copywriters and internet marketing experts, taking counsel only from the best. We go to great lengths testing and perfecting our ads and sales letters, constantly fine-tuning our sales copy so the letters don't get stale. We develop regularly brand new letters with fresh angles, and even more compelling offers.

Another benefit for you: Whenever we develop new, improved promotional tools -- such as new e-mail promotions, subject lines, or classified ads -- you'll learn about it in our periodical Affiliate-Only newsletter. You can just "Copy and Paste" this text right into your e-mails -- your special tracking code is already included to make sure you get all the commissions you've earned!

Be the first to know about new products, promotions and breakthroughs

Our affiliate newsletter is free to our affiliates, but not available to the public. When we find something that works particularly well, such as new subject lines that have an astounding click-through response, we don’t want the public using these before you do. After all, the more money you make, the more money we make. We want you to have a competitive edge!

Access to our newsletter gives you first hand access to the latest breakthroughs and discoveries, not only ours but you will learn about those of the top experts that work with us as well. You’ll also be alerted to special promotions. For example, when we offer higher-than-normal commissions for a limited period, or bundle complementary products together and offer a package discount.

What's more, you'll get free use of the exclusive tools in our private Affiliate Resources, including:

  • Proven motivating ads that you can "copy and paste," including buttons, banners, text links, classified ads, e-mail promotions, and even pop-ups, geared to promote this e-book.
  • "Affiliate Quick-Start Guide" showing you how to get up and running as a successful affiliate in a matter of minutes.
  • "Habits of Successful Super-Affiliates" Discover the strategies super-affiliates use to make six figure comission checks.* This amazing article details specific, tested -- and that you can use to achieve the same success -- methods for promoting our products, and how to employ each one most effectively.
  • When and how to customize our existing promotions -- or write your own -- for an even better response.

... Wait! If we are giving you professional copy writing, why would you ever want to customize any of our promotions? Well, suppose you want to direct your ad to your local audience; this will need a little re-writing. You may want to rewrite a standard e-zine ad as an endorsment in your newsletter.
We are there to tell you how.

* Results are not guaranteed. Individual success depends on background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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We invest an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and money to achieve high conversion rates. Home-based and business web site owners alike can profit immediately. Join the club so you too can profit from ultra-motivating ads and product sales letter.

The two easy steps you need to take in order to become an Affiliate Member right away

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You then instantly start earning referral fees for all sales that are generated from the visitors who were referred by your site and who then purchase from our site.

If you experience any problems, or have any questions about our affiliate program, please contact us.


Affiliate Manager Team

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