Family menu

Bring back the family dinner with a simple, balanced meal that is easy to cook, and it is good for the whole family. No need for a kids menu and a different one for the adults.

Family menu

Cooking a single meal for the whole family is the ideal situation, however, it is difficult to plan meals when you have young children and their taste is not very developed. However, the effort pays off, and there is an added bonus: a family dinner is a social occasion. Your children can practice their manners in a relaxed atmosphere and there is the opportunity to talk to each other about your day, leaving the table refreshed by good food and good conversation.

The dinner menu proposed below is a balanced menu for a family. It is simple because when you have children under seven there is not much time to cook; also, children prefer less sophisticated meals. A salad and a fruit dessert ensure everyone gets their daily vitamins, as well as encouraging the young members to see vegetables in a new light. Lead by example: they will eat them if you will, and they will enjoy them it they see you do.

Bring back the family dinner with a simple, balanced meal that is easy to cook.

The menu and the recipes

Consists of three very simple coursed: a mixed salad as a side dish; chicken and rice casserole with peas as main course, and strawberries with orange juice as fruity dessert.

Mixed salad
Chicken and rice casserole
Strawberries with orange juice