Yummy fruit

Does your kid belong to the group of fruit haters? Young children often find fruit complicated because it should be washed peeled, even bananas, and chopped. Then, some fruit has pips and they don't want to pick their way through.

Always wash and chop fruit for young children. Try a wide range of fruits to let them experience with flavors and textures. If plain peeling and chopping are not enough, get your creative juices flowing and cut fruit in different shapes. There is so much fruit choice, that some is bound to catch the taste even of the pickiest eaters.

Tips with fruit for kids

This is not the first time we speak about fruit for kids and it will not be the last. We like to pass on the tips and recipes that have worked with our young test panel.

  • Peel and freeze tangerine or orange segments. These are great to quench thirst in a warm day. Instant ice lollies!
  • Kids love chocolate. Coat the bottom half of the strawberries in chocolate. Use both milk chocolate and white chocolate to create an effect – you can even experiment with dark chocolate.
  • Kiwis are very soft. Halve a kiwi and let them eat the flesh straight from the skin with a plastic spoon.
  • Serve ripe melon in slices.
  • Let them dip apple wedges in cinnamon flavored sugar.
  • Cut pears in sticks, serve with cheese.
  • Seedless grapes are fine for school age children. Toddlers like them not only pips removed, but also skin. Grapes also taste great with cheese.
  • Halve a ripe mango and cut lines across then lengthwise without getting all the way to the skin. Bend skin outwards and you can offer a diced mango snack.
  • Slice it and make a sandwich. Fruit sandwiches offer endless possibilities. Apart from the traditional mashed banana or sliced sandwich, you can try cream cheese with pear, apple, or kiwi slices - sliced strawberries go famously well with cream cheese. Double choice, if you consider peanut or almond butter and sliced fruit.
  • Watermelon is sweet and juicy, always a favorite with kids. Watermelon wedges don't usually need more preparation than removing all the pips.
  • Serve sliced bananas with chopped dates or insert a craft stick into a halved banana for an instant banana pop. You can go as far as the banana lollies recipe, or further by coating the halved bananas in melted chocolate before rolling on the toppings.
  • Don't forget dried fruit. Get some pitted dates, toasted pecan or cashew nuts, and simply stuff the dates with the nuts for an all natural fruit treat. Serve this sweet after dinner or as snack to children old enough to eat nuts.

Ripe fruit

Fruit is sweet on its own if it is perfectly ripe. Seasonal fruit grown locally offers the best chances for fruit ripened on the tree and picked at the right time.