Vegan Halloween party

When Halloween rolls around, many of us love to throw spooky parties. Throwing a vegan party, however, requires a bit more planning as animal by-products are not allowed to make an entrance at this party. Do not fear - or maybe you want to! - there are many different kinds of “spooky" vegan foods that you can create to keep your young guests intrigued.

Cooking tools for kids

Who doesn’t need some help in the kitchen when it comes time to prepare dinner for the entire family? Sandra K. Nissenberg of “The Everything Kids Cookbook” says, “helping out at an early age, means helping out at a later age.” Encouraging kids to get in the kitchen at a young age means they will also enjoy the process at a later age. Let’s take a look at 5 kid-friendly gadgets that will lure your kids in to the kitchen, giving you your own culinary crew.

Baby choking hazard

Something all parents face is deciding when to start feeding their babies solid food. You can tell babies are beginning to get interested in other foods when they watch your fork or spoon as you bring it to your mouth. However, some foods are a choking hazard for babies. Which foods are okay for babies to eat and which foods should they avoid?

Toddler Cafe

Well, feeding toddlers can be a challenge - at least feeding them the right kind of food seems sometimes almost impossible. If you are at your wit's end about your fussy eater, you need to remember that toddlers go through different stages in their development. They like something one day and not the other. Their taste buds are developing and they are exploring the world of food, tastes and textures.

Kid safety in the kitchen

There are many dangerous things looming in the kitchen, but that should not be a deterrent for getting kids actively preparing meals. As a matter of fact, those dangerous things are exactly what kids need to be exposed to, in time. While teaching children the rules of the kitchen and letting them develop their sense of surrounding, safety should always be on the forefront of your mind.


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