Soft drinks and health

With the emphasis on being healthy in recent years, soft drinks are coming under attack. Recent research has indicated the problems of soft drinks; in fact, there are many reasons why they are bad for our health. Here are just a few of the many reasons you may want to avoid drinking soft drinks from now on.

Summer nutrition tips

It is so much easier to try to be healthy during the summer than in the winter. Try some of the top summer nutrition tips for the whole family and see if you don't lose weight and feel better. Of course, the trick is maintaining the loss when the cooler weather returns.

Yummy fruit

Does your kid belong to the group of fruit haters? Young children often find fruit complicated because it should be washed peeled, even bananas, and chopped. Then, some fruit has pips and they don't want to pick their way through.

Eating for energy

The body uses different nutrients to provide lasting energy at each stage of activity. Those who are generally more active must load up on the carbohydrates since they are the first nutrients to be turned into energy. Proteins are used for muscle recovery by allowing the body to produce some amino acids, which are not normally found in the body, but still required for active people. There are many different ways to eat in order to get the energy you need; it is as simple as figuring out what type of active life you are leading and how each nutrient works with or against you.

Growing your own food

Many people shutter at the thought of planting their own gardens, but more people are realizing the health benefits of it go well beyond avoiding the processed steps most of the store bought food today goes through. Not only are these people avoiding the harsh chemicals used to mass produce these foods, but they are also side stepping the nasty injected hormones and more that is placed on these foods to make them last longer while being shipped to and sold at our local grocery stores.


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