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Easy pasta

Nutritious and delicious, pasta is also easy and fast. You will not find anything better to get a satisfying, warm meal quickly on the table, and, as the tips about how to serve pasta below prove, you will not find a more versatile food.

Kid friendly fondue recipes

A fondue is great for kids and there are many recipes that are kid friendly. Choose ingredients that are already cooked or need the low heat. Choose a fondue set that keeps warm with small candles, rather than gas or alcohol, or an electric pan with temperature control and you are set.

Quick family meal ideas

What are you serving for dinner tonight? How about lunch on the weekend? It can be a daunting task to come up with meal ideas especially if you have kids. Here are ten quick ideas for family meals try one tonight.

Family menu

Bring back the family dinner with a simple, balanced meal that is easy to cook, and it is good for the whole family. No need for a kids menu and a different one for the adults.


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