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Eating for energy

The body uses different nutrients to provide lasting energy at each stage of activity. Those who are generally more active must load up on the carbohydrates since they are the first nutrients to be turned into energy. Proteins are used for muscle recovery by allowing the body to produce some amino acids, which are not normally found in the body, but still required for active people. There are many different ways to eat in order to get the energy you need; it is as simple as figuring out what type of active life you are leading and how each nutrient works with or against you.

Growing your own food

Many people shutter at the thought of planting their own gardens, but more people are realizing the health benefits of it go well beyond avoiding the processed steps most of the store bought food today goes through. Not only are these people avoiding the harsh chemicals used to mass produce these foods, but they are also side stepping the nasty injected hormones and more that is placed on these foods to make them last longer while being shipped to and sold at our local grocery stores.

Essential nutrients and picky eaters

As a parent you want what is best for your little guy or gal, especially when it comes to their health and the foods they eat every day. That is pretty easy to control when your child is a newborn who relies on you for 100 percent of their meals and snacks. IF you’re breastfeeding, you make certain your eating the things you and your baby need. If you’re formula feeding, you make certain you have the best formula your baby can have in order to get all the healthy vitamins and minerals they require.

Healthy eating starts before birth

Did you know that your preference for some foods could very well have started before you were even born? According to various studies over the years, babies develop the senses of taste and smell during the second trimester of their mother's pregnancy. It's also been shown that babies have a distinct preference for sweet things and can even tell the difference between certain flavors of food as it passes through the amniotic fluid that surrounds them during the time inside the mother's womb.

Basics of the Food Pyramid

If you are looking for a way to get a handle on healthier eating for your family, consider using the food pyramid. It has been revised recently and is easy for moms to understand. Following the food pyramid will give you a good basic foundation for proper nutrition.

Celebrating Easter

Don't you feel sometimes Easter should be the largest holiday of the year? The chance to enjoy some fine chocolate treats is just a minor reason to celebrate. There are dozens more.


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