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Decorating Easter eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is an ancient tradition. As a symbol of fertility, they're perfect for bringing to mind the coming Spring and new life. But egg decorating is so much easier when your eggs are prepared properly.

Menu planning saves time and money

One thing we never seem to have enough of is time. When time gets short, the first thing that gets skipped is meal time. Eating fast food several nights a week can be costly not to mention unhealthy. If you plan your meals ahead of time, your family can still eat together for dinner.

Creative snack recipes for kids

If you go grocery shopping with your kids, there is always something they ask for. It is likely to be finger food and sweet more often than savoury. The food will probably be something in a package with very bright colours. Their favourite cartoon characters or those from the latest film may look at them from the box. Those are the tried and tested techniques food manufacturers use to attract your children’s attention. You can use them too to attract your kids to the right food.

Family meals

Children are the future. You want the best for them. Family meals are instrumental in spending quality time with your children and helping them avoid some of the dangers that come with growing up.

When toddlers are picky eaters

It's exciting when your toddler starts eating solid foods. You get to introduce her to lots of new things. There will be foods she likes and ones that she doesn't. But many toddlers develop an aversion to new foods or only want to eat one certain food at every meal. This often happens around the infamous "terrible twos." Some parents fear that their child will not get proper nutrition if they are picky eaters.

Organic baby food

Many parents see organic baby food in health food stores or regular grocery aisles and simply pass it by. You probably think “I grew up on regular baby food and I’m fine”. Think about it this way, do you baby proof your gardening chemicals, or is your baby allowed to eat and drink pesticides? Okay perhaps it’s not an equal comparison, after all there are only small amounts of toxic chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers in traditional baby food but do you really want to take the risk?

Make it fun

Meals together create memories. Those are bound to be happy memories because it is family quality time. However, by making meal time fun, those memories will be even happier.

Introducing new foods

A varied diet offers a better chance to get all the nutrients children need to grow and stay healthy. Introducing new foods will offer your child a wider choice and also help them develop their personal taste.


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