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When kids are picky eaters

Picky eaters always create problems. Not only they are difficult to please and create extra work, but picky eaters often turn meal times into an unpleasant experience. Parents worry when they think their kids are not getting enough food.

Childhood obesity

Children today are less active than when we were their age. Food is plentiful and sometimes there is nothing better to do then eat. The result is that, as a group, children are becoming heavier and at risk of turn into obese adults.

Food Labels

The ingredients that make up a dish are very important and as we are getting pre-prepared food all too often, reading and understanding the labels to see what in inside is a must teach to your kids.

Calories and kids

Kids are different. they are growing and need more calories and nutrients, in proportion to their weight, than adults do. This is the first fact to take into account in healthy eating for kids.

Eating disorders in kids

Remember that an adult portion, a teenager portion, a kids portion and a toddler portion are all very different things, this is often overlooked. Whe we should eat differs with age, sex, and activity level.

Food portioning for kids

Eating disorders are on the rise. Many have the opinion this kind of disorder often is an expression of self esteem issues and these have to be addressed. However, creating a healthy attitude to food in your kids will help to prevent this type of disorder.


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