Favorite Southern Recipes for Kids is Out

Kids Recipes, the Internet website focused in healthy eating for kids, has launched a new book featuring food recipes for kids and the whole family with a southern flavor. Favorite Southern Recipes for Kids is a set of thirty soul recipes for kids that offers a perfect mix of healthy food options and all time favorites.

“Favorite Southern Recipes For Kids will introduce to you the tools and resources needed to prepare meals children will want to eat," said Karen Fox, editor of www.kids-recipes.com. "This book was specifically designed to help busy parents get happy, healthy kids without slaving all day in the kitchen.”

Access to this book is limited to Kids Recipes subscribers. Full members at www.kids-recipes.com will receive on line access to all recipes and a copy in PDF format they can keep even if they cancel their subscription.

Questions can be directed to the Kids Recipes Team through the on line contact form or email.

About Kids Recipes (www.kids-recipes.com)
Founded in 2005, Kids Recipes (www.kids-recipes.com) helps busy parents to feed their children the right food from an early age to their late teens, and to introduce them to healthy eating habits so they will continue to eat healthily through their lives. The website and publications are full of great ideas to give kids a balanced diet, including basic nutrition for children, and a varied selection of easy, fun to eat recipes that will keep kids as happy as they are healthy.