Healthy Eating Secrets for mothers is out

Kids Recipes launches Healthy Eating Secrets for Mothers, a book with solid resources and information mothers can use to successfully change and adapt their eating habits for the better .

Friday, May 21, 2010, the website devoted to healthy eating for children,  has launched a new book making available the diet secrets and energy boosting tips mothers said they always wanted to know. Healthy Eating Secrets for Mothers is a book for mothers who want to eat healthily that offers to give them the power they need to get back their energy and their life.

“Take care of the mothers and they will take care of their children. Healthy Eating Secrets for Mothers will equip them with the tools and resources needed to change their eating habits, and change their lives," said Anne Ehmer, author of Easy, Healthy Recipes for Kids.  "This program was specifically designed to help busy mothers get the life they desire, even when they are too busy to cook. It is a very worthy addition to Kids Recipes catalog.”

The book is available as electronic book, in PDF format, for immediate download. The book offers a 30 days guarantee, no questions asked

For more information, visit or the live website.  Questions can be directed to Kids Recipes Team through the contact form available on site or email:

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Founded in 2005, Kids Recipes publishes information on children nutrition and healthy recipes for kids to help mothers raise healthy children and avoid the dangers of overeating. The website is the core of a thriving community of health concerned mothers. The team working with Anne Ehmer, the website founder, has released several books on healthy eating for families. Go to to read the full story.


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