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Fun & healthy snacks

Kids seem to be always hungry. True, children need to eat little and often; little because they don’t have much room to sink the food in, often because they are still growing and their need for energy is higher, compared to their weight, than a grown up person. Besides, healthy kids are active and that increases their energy needs.


Fruitful play

Many mothers complain their children would not eat fruit. Others complain that their kids eat fruit as long as it is conveniently prepared, but they would not make an effort even to wash an apple and bite. Children learn through play so let us make a game of eating fruit.

Watermelon slices.

Fresh Quality

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, to make changes towards a healthier diet and better nutrition. It's easier than you think. Trust Foodstuffs for Kids to deliver the information you need and Kids Recipes to make it easy for you to find fresh advice.

Landscape, sunflower field.

Meals for kids

Try to build healthy eating habits from early on. This is the way to a long life, free of disease. What else do you want for your kids?

Recipe book and measuring cups.
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