Sunshine morning waffles


A delicious breakfast that really turns a dull morning into a sunny one, at least in your mood. These are an easy and fun breakfast that kids can whip up in a snap.


waffles (frozen apple cinnamon waffles)
12 oz
vanilla yogurt (low fat)
peaches (peach halves in syrup)


  1. Place the waffles in the toaster and toast as directed on the package.
  2. Remove the waffles and place on individual plates.
  3. Top each waffle with yogurt spreading it over the waffle and slightly down the sides to look like cooked egg whites.
  4. Place a peach in the middle of the yogurt to represent the egg yolk.


Substitute blueberry or plain waffles if one of those is their favorites. An apricot half can also be used in the place of the peach half if they wish.