Camp site desserts beyond s'mores

Yes, s'mores may be the classic campfire dessert. However, the great thing about camping is that you don't have to follow the rules, even the rule that says you must have S'mores for dessert when you are camping. Cooking over a campfire doesn't have to limit your dessert menu. As a matter of fact, a campfire can give you some of the most amazing desserts.

Desserts made at the campsite are some of the most down-home, hearty, delicious desserts you will ever have. All it takes is a few good tools and some simple ingredients and you can make a sweet treat that will surprise and delight your family and friends. Let's take a look at some of the fun desserts that you can create on your open campfire.

Peach Cobbler

Simple crust ingredients thrown over deliciously ripe peaches in a cast iron Dutch oven or deep skillet will be a beautiful and delicious treat. You don't need to be in your grandmother's kitchen to enjoy this wonderful dessert. Instead, invite Grandma to your campfire and show off your own version of her classic dessert.

You don't have to limit yourself to peach cobbler, either. Bring along any fruit or cans of any pie filling, cover with crumbles made of oatmeal, raisins, flour, brown sugar, and a little butter, for a classic cobbler of any flavor. The cast iron skillet or Dutch oven is the secret to success.

Banana Bundles

This is a classic foil wrapped dessert that campfire dessert aficionados love. Just lay out squares of heavy duty foil, then slice bananas lengthwise, not cutting all the way through, and stick chocolate pieces in, then wrap them up and put them on the campfire. Simple, yet heavenly.

However, you don't have to stop at a simple chocolate stuffed banana. Create works of dessert art by stuffing the banana with nuts, raisins, mini-marshmallows, and even mint leaves. And go beyond even that fun by wrapping bananas cut in half in a crescent roll rather than in foil. Put directly on a fine grate over very slow embers until the crescent roll turns brown and puffs up. Now you have a 'banana in a blanket' that will please anyone.

Monkey Bread

For the ultimate in campfire comfort food, Monkey Bread is a delicious way to end the day. You can make this classic treat easily by using buttermilk biscuits in a tube, cut up, then shaken with a cinnamon sugar mix and thrown into a cast iron Dutch oven. Melt up some butter and brown sugar and pour over the biscuits, then cover, and surround the Dutch oven with coals or embers and let it bake away.

To bump this classic up a notch or two, serve with a simple icing, just like cinnamon buns. It's easy to make an icing by mixing together powdered sugar and milk or water, then just drizzle over the monkey bread after you've opened it up. Then, dig in!

Camping can provide you with the opportunity to cook up some of your absolute favorite desserts or create something entirely different. Sweet desserts cooked over the campfire, enjoyed under the stars... what a great way to end the day!