Healthy snack recipes for kids

There is a chapter dedicated to healthy snack recipes within Easy, Healthy Recipes for Kids, accessible to members. But we will be reviewing healthy recipes from other sources.

Healthy snack recipes for kids on the sweet side

We know a glass of milk will help kids to grow healthy bones and it will give them an extra buzz if it comes flavored or with something sweet on the side. Serve a slice of apple and banana bread, with a little butter, warm apple, walnut, and chocolate chip cookies, or truly delicious chocolate and chocolate chip muffins. Go for home made basic sponge cake, filled with fruit preserve or add some healthy dried fruit or nuts and bake in individual paper cups to make it into healthy muffins. Mix and match flavors or decorate with fresh fruit. A bowl of Swiss müesli with milk is the ultimate healthy breakfast and it can make a nice snack for a child that already has nuts and dried fruits. You could try your own fresh fruit version for a toddler.

If your child would not have milk, try a milk or fermented milk based smoothie, or sneak it into a creamy rice pudding, chilled or warmed in individual cups, custard or cream caramel. If not even these will do, choose an entirely different healthy option, such as date squares, a healthy variation of a fruit snack bar, or use one of the milk free diet snack recipes. Apple, nut and raisin cake, a recipe that substitutes butter with sunflower oil, or some carrot and apple sauce muffins, where apple sauce and vegetable oil take the place of butter, are our favorite recipes. On an egg free diet? Try egg free banana cookies.

Healthy snack recipes for kids on the savory side

If you are looking for something different to the basic sandwich, or toast with toppings, give them a bunch of corn chip to dip into a small container of guacamole, about 1/4 cup, or pita chips with hummus or baba ghanoush, a traditional Middle East dip made of aubergine - a.k.a as eggplant.

Kids love cheese straws, cheese wafers, and cheese puffs. Probably they think of them as savory cookies.

Try 1/2 cup warm Boston baked beans served the British way. That is baked beans on toast. Serve a savory drink such as kadhi, a healthy Indian recipe and very nourishing for those who would not have meat.