How to add more veggies in your meals

The guidelines suggest that you eat around 4-6 servings of vegetables a day. If you are not keen on eating them, then this can be a problem. One solution is to learn how to add more vegetables in your meals.

The guidelines are based on a 1/2 cup serving each. But, even then, when it comes to veggies, people just seem to shun them. And, trying to eat that many servings along with everything else you are supposed to eat makes you feel like you’ll be noshing all day long.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few solutions that you can employ to get more veggies into your body by adding them to your meals. Even for the picky eater, you can hide them sufficiently to keep kids healthy.

Adding more veggies to your meals

Casseroles – This is a perfect place to add diced or chopped veggies. They add color and flavor to the dish without being overly obvious to those eating it. For example, in a chicken and rice casserole, you can add chopped broccoli and diced onions or diced tomatoes.

Salads – Add a salad to your lunch and dinner meals. If you have pizza or lasagna, the most obvious side dish is a salad. Create a tossed salad and let everyone put their favorite dressing on it. Try the low fat version of your salad dressings to lower the calorie content.

Stir fry – There is just something about stir fry. Keep it mostly vegetables but add some diced chicken, shrimp or diced lean beef. Eat it alone or over brown rice. Add soy sauce or teriyaki for a more authentic Asian flavor.

Sauces – Spaghetti sauce is a perfect place to add vegetables. Buy the plain sauce and add a mix of diced onions, zucchini, tomatoes and even carrots. It gives your sauce extra flavor and also ups the vegetable servings.

Veggie snacks – Raw vegetables contain a lot of nutritional value because they are in their natural state. For a snack, try offering tasty cut up carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes with a ranch dip. For better taste and lower calories, use a seasoning packet and make your own.

Kebabs – If you use your grill when the weather gets warm, try making kebabs. Mix chunks of lean meat with vegetables. Add a dipping sauce and some rice for a nice and healthy light meal that is perfect for spring and summer temperatures.

There are many ways to add vegetables to your meals. Experiment with new and unique seasonal finds that your kids might like as an alternative to eating the same choices all the time.