Kid friendly fondue recipes

A fondue is great for kids and there are many recipes that are kid friendly. Choose ingredients that are already cooked or need the low heat. Choose a fondue set that keeps warm with small candles, rather than gas or alcohol, or an electric pan with temperature control and you are set.

Great kid friendly fondue recipes

The traditional Swiss fondue is fun to eat and perfect for the children if you omit completely kirsch and wine. If you find the kids restless in a rainy evening, get out the pot and have them help to prepare a nice cheese fondue. This will entertain even the most difficult child and kids will be too busy dipping bread in the melted cheese to squabble. Forget then about gloomy weather.

Try chocolate fondue in winter. A chocolate fondue will cheer kids up in a winter evening. Count on cakes and biscotti to dip in that chocolate and use seasonal fruit. You’ll find a large selection of fruit in winter for your fondue. Apart from bananas, pears, apples, there are other exotic fruits such as kiwis. Wash and peel fruit as needed. Cut large pieces into kid size chunks. Pat everything dry. Chocolate will cling better to the fruit.

A cheese fondue can help boost calcium intake for children who don’t like milk.

Great tips for working with chocolate.

Recipes for cheese fondue or chocolate fondue.

What is the secret to your success? Advance planning. Prepare fruit in advance. Break chocolate into pieces or grate it before melting. Melt chocolate over boiling water or the microwave method. Keep the chocolate warm. Chocolate thickens as it cools down and coating the pieces of fruit becomes more difficult.

Meat, fish or vegetable fondues are not advised. A meat or fish fondue are not really kid friendly. The temperature of the oil to cook the meat is much higher than melted chocolate, as it is the temperature of the broth used to cook fish or vegetables. This increases the risk of a bad burn, because when dealing with kids the possibility of an overturned fondue pan is all too real. Better to try a cheese of chocolate fondue.