Fruitful play

Many mothers complain their children would not eat fruit. Others complain that their kids eat fruit as long as it is conveniently prepared, but they would not make an effort even to wash an apple and bite. Children learn through play so let us make a game of eating fruit.

Does your kid belong to the group of fruit haters? Young children often find fruit complicated because fruit should be washed peeled, even bananas, and chopped. Then, some fruit has pips and they don't want to pick their way through. Find here some tips to help them see fruit is yummy and fun.

Engage your kids in fruitful play

Older kids just get lazy. Make them help with cooking and create the habit of preparing healthy meals by themselves. It is true school and homework get in the way, and some get a load of homework. Cooking is creative and this activity can help them relax at the same time they do a useful chore. Choose recipes that do not take too much time too prepare and cooking will not detract from studying. Recipes with fruit are ideal.

Sweet apple wraps are very easy if you have ready made French crepes at home - substitute with flavored tortillas if you don't find them - and they are a delightful breakfast. Fruit parfaits fulfill the perfectionist in each of us while taking virtually not time at all with recipes such as these parfait bananas which you can adapt to many other fruits - canned or poached peaches, pears or apricots, canned or fresh pineapple chunks, just to name some.

Make traffic lights ice lollies together with your kids. This is an easy, healthy, no cook recipe. Following the healthy snack path, you could make your own fruit leather. It is kids play and children won't even notice they are having fruit.