Meals for kids

Try to build healthy eating habits from early on. This is the way to a long life, free of disease. What else do you want for your kids?

Kid friendly meals should pave the way towards healthy eating. A healthy diet requires at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This is difficult to implement, even if kid size portions are small, as children would rather eat sweets and salty snacks than carrots, not to mention Brussels sprouts. That is why fruit is the easy way to healthy eating.

You will love the guide to easy pasta and the simple suggestions for quick, easy sauces that lead to instant pasta perfection and enjoy our suggestion for a simple family menu.

Kids recipes from the web

Find some kid friendly recipes from World Food and Wine. Try dishes from far away, as well as the local cuisine.

Try one of the variations offered for sloppy Joe, always a favorite with kids. A simple sloppy Joe is healthy when made at home.

Try kitchuri, a soft Indian dish of rice and lentils; good for a quick, easy meatless meal and light enough for a toddler, and serve with kadhi.  Have it as a soup, have it as a drink, both ways this healthy Indian recipe is a delight. Together, they make a balanced meal fro a meatless day.