eating out

Camp site desserts beyond s'mores

Yes, s'mores may be the classic campfire dessert. However, the great thing about camping is that you don't have to follow the rules, even the rule that says you must have S'mores for dessert when you are camping. Cooking over a campfire doesn't have to limit your dessert menu. As a matter of fact, a campfire can give you some of the most amazing desserts.

Week night dinners the easy way

We’ve all done it. We’ve angled into that drive-thru lane because we were too tired to cook or, worse, too unprepared. We know fast food isn’t healthy. We cringe as our kids insist on French fries instead of apples or carrots or whatever bone they are throwing out for us parents. Sometimes it is just easier to put on the blinders and hand over the debit card.