healthy eating for kids

Tips for getting kids to eat healthy

With all of the junk foods out there today, getting kids to eat healthy can be a trick. In fact, many kids associate the term “healthy food” with something yucky. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t change your kids’ minds about healthy foods and get them to enjoy eating healthy. Below are some tips to help you out.

Hide the vegetables. For young children who adamantly refuse to eat veggies, hide them! Here’s how:

Add pureed winter squash, carrots or sweet potatoes into cheese sauce.

Juicing for kids

In an ideal world, our children would never be exposed to any sugary “fruit drinks” or packaged juices. But if yours have already developed a taste for sweet drinks, the easiest way to get them to begin drinking raw, fresh homemade juice is to include fruit in the juice.

What they will drink, what’s good for them

Although raw fruit juice contains higher sugar levels than vegetable juice does, your children will be much better off with these juices than with commercial juices. If you make your kids’ juices with organic fruits, that is better for them still.