healthy habits

Juicing for kids

In an ideal world, our children would never be exposed to any sugary “fruit drinks” or packaged juices. But if yours have already developed a taste for sweet drinks, the easiest way to get them to begin drinking raw, fresh homemade juice is to include fruit in the juice.

Healthy eating for kids

Healthy eating means different things to different people. At Kids Recipes, we believe the best diet is the one that includes a little of everything, but just in the right amounts. Excluding or not having enough of certain types of food may lead to problems for growing children.


Now that you have finished reading this report you should have a better understanding of what it will take to transition into living a healthier lifestyle where you cook healthier meals for you and your family. You also now have some helpful information on ways that you can eat healthy on a budget and save money on food – which is the number one complaint people have when it comes to eating healthy (how much more expensive the food is). And last but certainly not least you even have some tips on ways that you can get your kids to eat healthier too!

Causes of poor eating habits

Poor eating habits are not a one day thing. These habits build during a long period of time and for several reasons. Knowing the problem at the root of unhealthy eating habits will make easier the task of changing the eating patterns.