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Tips for getting kids to eat healthy

With all of the junk foods out there today, getting kids to eat healthy can be a trick. In fact, many kids associate the term “healthy food” with something yucky. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t change your kids’ minds about healthy foods and get them to enjoy eating healthy. Below are some tips to help you out.

Healthy snacks for lunch boxes

Packing lunch boxes can be stressful, particularly if you leave it for the last minute as you're trying to head out the door and wrangle everyone into the car. Then there are all the choices: Do you fill it full of organic, nutritious stuff that your child may or may not eat? Do you fill it with items guaranteed to be consumed but not so healthy? And what about allergies... some schools are totally peanut-free, which leaves the old PBJ combo out in the cold.

Be a healthy example for your kids

Children learn by imitation, so lead by example. First, kids love to do as parents do and it will be so much easier to teach them to choose healthy options if they see you. Second, kids are not easily fooled and healthy eating habits will not last if they see you doing just the opposite.


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