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Family dinner

When was the last time you had dinner with your family? It is the meal we often skip because we work late, the kids have sporting events or we get tired from daily activities. But, skipping dinner with the family is detrimental to the family dynamic.

Breakfast for busy mothers

Either you are one, or you have one. Mothers are amazing; they never seem to slow down, let up or stop. Breakfast should not only give moms the energy they need to keep up with everyone, but shouldn’t slow them down either. Let’s take a look at a few different ideas that can keep mom on her toes while keeping up with her pace.

Breakfast, college edition

Although It seem as if it was only yesterday when you were preparing the first solid food for your baby, baby has grown and he or she is almost ready for college and adult life. There is still time for some extra training in cooking their own meals and instil a few more healthy eating rules but, more than anything, to help your not-a-child-any-more kid to plan for life in college, starting with breakfast. Imagine for a minute you are in college.

Back to school breakfast

School is back in full swing, and boy, those mornings sure do go fast. It is important to have a good breakfast before the start of the morning rush, but sometimes it feels like you will never be able to fit it all in. Let's take a look at some ideas to help you find time for the healthy way to start your back-to-school day.

A mommy's guide to healthy eating for toddlers

The toddler stage is one of the most difficult stages for any mother to get through. This is because toddlers are just learning how to communicate with others, but can often become frustrated when we don't understand them. Another contributing factor is the fact that toddlers are learning how to express their feelings more openly, which can often times result in pouting or throwing a tantrum. Due to the toddler's discovery of independence, one of the most trying things most mothers deal with is getting their toddler to eat healthy. In fact, getting toddlers to eat healthy often times calls for creative and innovative thinking on mommy's part.

How to keep your toddler entertained in a restaurant

It's a common problem faced by nearly all parents of toddlers. They want to go out to eat but their child begins getting fussy while waiting for the food to arrive. If you're like most parents in this stage, you probably want to know how to keep your toddler busy and entertained in a restaurant. The following are some ideas which have been successful for other parents.

Vegan Halloween party

When Halloween rolls around, many of us love to throw spooky parties. Throwing a vegan party, however, requires a bit more planning as animal by-products are not allowed to make an entrance at this party. Do not fear - or maybe you want to! - there are many different kinds of “spooky" vegan foods that you can create to keep your young guests intrigued.

Baby choking hazard

Something all parents face is deciding when to start feeding their babies solid food. You can tell babies are beginning to get interested in other foods when they watch your fork or spoon as you bring it to your mouth. However, some foods are a choking hazard for babies. Which foods are okay for babies to eat and which foods should they avoid?

Family traditions are important

Family traditions can take place at any time, whether it's an annual summer vacation trip or a specific holiday tradition. It is important to follow these traditions over the years as it will help your children and your families develop a bond. It also provides a sense of family and gives you and your children an activity to look forward to.


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