Raw Candy

Makes a great sweet treat without loading up on calories. And kids can prepare their own sweet treats.


These quick and easy quesadillas are great for after-school snacks, party foods or any time. They are super easy to make, in fact, a 10 year old created this recipe.


Three treats in one: marshmallows, chocolate and Graham crackers. Long evenings at a camp site are much more fun with s'mores. Do try this at home, very carefully, if you have an open fire.

A peach of a yogurt cup

When it comes to cooking kids love to make breakfast. This is a quick and easy breakfast idea they can put together to surprise Mom and Dad on a Saturday morning. They can use any type of fruit and fruit spread the family enjoys.

Sweet and tangy banana smoothie

Smoothies are usually very popular with kids. This recipe for sweet and tangy banana smoothie, however, is more suited for the older ones who can appreciate the contrast in flavors, although young children may surprise you and take to the sweet and tangy flavor. This is a healthy all fruit smoothie.

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