Bodybuilding supplements for teens to avoid

As a teenager, your kid thinks is important to look his or her best. How they look to the opposite sex is very important at that age. However, those trying to enhance their look should steer clear of certain bodybuilding supplements.

There are bodybuilding supplements that teens should avoid

What is the purpose of supplements? They provide extra nutrition that we don’t get every day. That is why most doctors recommend that everyone, even teenagers, take a multivitamin. It is almost impossible to eat all of the required nutrients in your food, so a vitamin provides what you miss.

When it comes to bodybuilding, supplements are used to enhance the workout. Getting enough protein is usually the problem and supplements can help. While teenage girls want to look good also, usually it is teenage guys who are interested in bodybuilding and supplementation.

Before we continue with supplements it is important to note that they don’t have any benefit unless the person using them is committed to building serious muscle. It takes more than a few workouts to be considered a bodybuilding regimen. Consistent work on all muscle groups is needed.

And, one hormone instrumental in building muscle is testosterone. As any mother would know, teenage boys have that in spades. It can help them to build as much muscle as their frame can handle. Actually, they need little else besides sufficient protein and dedication to get the results they want.

Supplements to avoid

Most of the supplements that are recommended for bodybuilding are protein related. Protein shakes, snacks, muscle milk and powdered whey protein provide high-quality protein sources with very little sugars and calories for prime muscle building.

Teenagers need to avoid any type of anabolic steroids. As we said, the body of a teenager produces many hormones including anabolic steroids. Many bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids, called testosterone boosters, use it to build muscle fast and recover quicker from a workout.

But, there are dangers in using them. Too much testosterone in the system can lead to altered liver function as well as liver and kidney problems. It can also cause enlargement in the testicles and sexual dysfunction.

One of the main side effects that have been noticed is a tendency to increased violence. Excess use can lead to aggression, headaches and possible depression. Enlarged prostates make it hard to urinate. Some testosterone can be converted into estrogen in men taking these supplements, leading to increased breast tissue.

The best way to increase muscle mass in bodybuilding as a teenager is to change your diet and enhance your exercise regimen. Losing fat comes through aerobic activity. Bodybuilding burns fat as well as builds muscle. Developing a consistent routine is the best bet for getting the results that you want naturally.

When it comes to building muscle, supplementation is not recommended at the teenage level beyond vitamins and protein. Avoid testosterone-boosting supplements like anabolic steroids.