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Learn the secrets of healthy eating for children: everything from healthy breakfast ideas for your kids to complete dinner menus, and the best, healthiest snack recipes


From: Anne Ehmer

Let me guess... you were looking for healthy recipes for kids, healthy snack recipes for kids, or original breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas suitable for children. Maybe you were wishing for some picnic recipes for kids or just easy recipes for kids to make. Perhaps, it was not so much that you were hoping for inspiration than you were seeking a healthier cooking style.

Is it that your kids always asking for the same food, day after day? Are you bored always preparing and having the same meals? Do you truly want to find easy, healthy recipes that you can prepare for your kids?

If that was the case, you are in the right place. If it wasn't, read on. Maybe you have found something unexpected, but equally valuable.

You know that eating healthy food makes you feel good about yourself. That is what you would like for your children, a varied diet that makes them grow healthy and feel good.

You know that healthy eating is essential for growing kids. You want to give your children a variety of nutrient-dense foods and beverages for them to grow strong and smart. You are aware that their young bodies are more susceptible to food hazards and infection, especially during a growth spurt.

You are aware that life patterns are usually set during childhood and the early teen years. Learning how to design, and maintain, a healthy diet is a practical skill, a benefit children will enjoy for life. Healthy eating for kids will reduce their risk of developing later diet related diseases like heart disease, type II diabetes and some forms of cancer.

You would like to make convenience and pre-packaged food just occasional food. You want to express your love and caring by preparing home cooked meals. You dream of seeing your family around the table enjoying the healthy meal you made, while hearing “That smells good!” “Wow! These taste great!” “Yummy!”


  • You know, too, what it’s like to be constantly on the go. Your days are packed with activities, obligations, and family needs. You don’t have much time to cook.
  • Your children’s homework and sports schedules are overloaded. Work hours are unpredictable. It is impossible to sit down together for a meal.
  • There is no way the kids will eat anything green, red, blue, or fish. They only want pasta day in, day out. You’ve made the effort to prepare a nutritious meal, and all that you hear is “Yuck! I don’t like broccoli.”
  • In plain language: you can’t cook. You would be lost without a take away or a frozen meal.

As a busy mother of two children, I know how difficult it is to find the time to prepare a home cooked meal or to plan a menu daily, and, in addition to get my children to eat a healthy meal, I have to consider their sensitivity to certain foods.

Soon I realized I wasn’t alone. Talking to other mothers, friends and family, many of them confessed to a similar problem. Sure they wanted healthy meals, but add kids to the picture and who is going to cook on top of the car pool, the laundry, tidying up the family room, homework help, and reading before bed.

If there is barely enough time to cook dinner, when are we going to shop or plan menus? There is always something extra due at work, a business trip, a family reunion next weekend…

How are we going to worry about eating healthy on top of all that? We aren’t sure of what is healthy, as advice is contradictory and changing all the time. How can we give the kids a good start?

A Good Start Matters

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what matters in your kid’s health? It is not intuitive wisdom or an inborn parenting ability. It is not that some people want the best for their kids and others do not. The difference lies in what you know about food, health, and nutrition, and what you do with that knowledge. A good start leads to a good future. Healthy, energetic kids usually turn into fit adults. Many people have the general idea, then they don't do much about it for a variety of reasons.

That is why I decided to create this web site, together with a free newsletter, and my new book Easy, Healthy Recipes for Kids. The whole purpose of this book is to give you practical know-how. Recipes and tips that you can use to improve your cooking and your kids' health; yours too, because what is healthy for your kids is usually healthy for you.

  • Constantly on the go? No time to cook? Impossible schedule?
  • You don't know any easy recipes for kids?
  • Kids won’t try new food?
  • You cannot cook? Don't have a clue where to start?

Relax. With the right attitude, and the right recipes, all included in Kids Recipes, you can be overloaded and still be a great cook. You will find delicious, family pleasing dishes, using timesaving techniques, tried and true planning, tackling a healthy diet with a lot of common sense.

The truth is that no one was born knowing how to cook; all of us have to learn. You can start with the really simple recipes that you will find here.

Passionate about Food

Do you wonder who food writers are? We just love food. We are passsionate about our terrines, worry about our pies, take pleasure in ceviches, tandooris, teriyaki, pilafs, and charbonnades; bake a beautiful soufflé, and have fun with paella or pasta; we enjoy eating squid or escargots, like to share fondue, and grill Cornish hen.

We relish in the latest nouvelle cuisine creation and appreciate a hearty stew. But preparing and savoring culinary works of art is not enough for us. We need to transmit our passion for food to anyone who will read our work. We spread the word through through any available mean.

When we’re not receiving hands on instruction during a cooking vacation, sitting down to a five course classical French dinner, you will find us planning our next gourmet trip – swapping stories about our last one – and writing about it.

When we’re not trying our hand at baking bread… sharpening our knife skills… exploring sushi… making room for the many kinds of mushrooms… comparing techniques for home made marzipan… sharing antipasto, mezze or tapas, we’re writing about it.

When we’re not debating the merits of braising, steaming, boiling, or poaching for taste and to preserve nutrients, the convenience of roasting, baking, broiling, grilling, griddling, pan roasting or pan searing, the right temperature for sautéing, stir-frying, pan frying…

…or mixing our own spices, trying new herb combinations, blending new flavors with our mayonnaise, preparing a new vinaigrette or the real aioli…

…attending wine-food pairing or wine-tasting sessions, selecting the perfect red for our wine cellar, finding which stores or mail order firms carry the new upcoming wines…

…distinguishing differences between chowders, bisques, purees, and coulis…

…comparison testing restaurants to find the perfect burger, the best BBQ ribs, the right kid’s menu…

and we’re writing about it.

Foodies want to know the details like where they can buy that maitake mushroom, how they can prepare authentic Spanish tapas, or where to find heritage tomatoes. New trends pop up, old traditions come back. Food writers fill this need to know. I can tell you that food writing never gets stale.

Profit from Hard Work

Get the latest. We have done plenty of research, so you don’t need to. Easy, Healthy Recipes for Kids brings to you up to date diet information. The most important topics are covered, from the all important breakfast to easy to pack lunches and healthy snacks, from wholesome dinners to what kids can cook for themselves.

The books are filled with practical information. The menu planning and shopping list sections help you become a smarter planner, wiser shopper, faster cook. There are step by step instructions for novice cooks, cleaning-up quick tips, ideas to keep everything in place… You cannot imagine how valuable it can be to you until you read it.

If you are a busy mother, like me, Kids Recipes will be very useful. You can find meals thought out for those always counting the minutes, like pasta dishes, garnished with tasty sauces that you can prepare while you wait for the water to boil. Add a salad and a simple dessert. Now you have a healthy meal for your kids, and for the whole family.

At Kids Recipes you will discover how to adapt a recipe to different situations and how to spark your creativity. If you have a child that who refuses to eat anything labeled as healthy, as I had, or a child who only eats one kind of food, as I did too. I hope that cooking will become a pleasure for you again when you follow some of our suggestions.

If you wish, as I do, to see your kids eat healthy meals because they enjoy their food and they like what they see on their plates, give them true taste with some simple recipes like an avocado and smoked salmon salad or saltimbocca.

If you want to widen your children’s horizon, as I did, you can draw inspiration from international cuisine and prepare a Chinese stir fry, Thai curry, Greek tzaziki, Japanese sushi and many, many others.

  • Find easy recipes for kids, including healthy snack recipes for kids and picnic recipes for kids, just for when you fancy a day out with them.
  • Discover the pleasure of cooking together following one of the easy recipes for kids to make. There are many no bake recipes for kids, you won't need to worry about your kids getting hurt.
  • Prepare more interesting, healthier meals for your kids. Please their taste and encourage them to try new flavors.

Available As a Live Books

Why call them live books? Because they are always growing. I keep adding new recipes, interesting information, and you always get access to the latest edition. You only need a web browser to access and read Easy, Healthy Recipes for Kids, or any of the other books added since Kids Recipes went live. If you are in the car, waiting for the kids to finish their sport sesion, you can read, find recipes and plan menus using your smart phone. In the kitchen, set up your tablet on a stant and easily follow the latest recipes for kids published.

Recipes for Kids

Take the worry out of everyday cooking and be sure of always having something healthy and delicious even past six thirty in the evening when you didn’t have time to do any shopping. There are plenty of easy recipes that you can make with ingredients right out of your pantry or freezer.

  • You will get every recipe right following easy step by step instructions and your kids will compliment your cooking.
  • Try new recipes and amaze your friends and family. No excuses with our detailed instructions.
  • Find at least a menu to please any kind of child from the young gourmet to the fussy eater.

Learn how to prepare more food than you need and freeze it in individual portions. You will have your own supply of healthy convenient food that can be heated in the microwave in a matter of minutes. You will be able to serve a home cooked meal even in those days when you have absolutely no time to cook. Individual portions are ideal for those days when your kids need to eat at different times.

  • Save time in the kitchen by having everything at hand. Kids Recipes will give you detailed lists of ingredients, utensils… and shortcuts!
  • Give your kids true nourishment with easy recipes that you can prepare from scratch in mere minutes.

I have tried these recipes with my own kids and their many friends. I have been able to select the most successful. Of course, kids really don’t mind at all if the food is healthy. Very few kids worry about how balanced their menu is; their only concern is that their food tastes good.

  • Healthy, strong, smart kids eat well and they positively relish these kid tested recipes.
  • Plenty of pasta, rice, and mash based recipes that kids love. They’ll eat their old favorites without fuss.
  • Be sure that your kids get all they need to grow healthy with balanced menus and nutrition information.
  • Make everyday food special and add variety to your cooking with new ways to present the old favorites or by trying new recipes.

You will find fun recipes for the kids to cook themselves, and plenty of sensible tips so the kids can help you when you cook.

  • Teach your kids a practical skill while you are having fun together. Kids Recipes is full of ideas about how your kids can help when you are cooking.
  • Older kids will feel accomplished with easy recipes that they can prepare by themselves. Young children just love to do the same tasks as the adults. Both will gain increased self-esteem.

Is it Worth the Effort?

So how much is this information worth to you? First consider how you would feel when the kids sit down and compliment your cooking, knowing that they are getting, in addition, the nourishment they need. Then, ask yourself…

  • How much is it worth to see the smile on your kids' face when they sit down for dinner?
  • What is the price of an energetic kid at play?
  • How do we place a value on better test scores because of improved nutrition?
  • How much does a healthy kid save you in doctors' bills and medicines?
  • Does it matter to think that how you feed your kids will have a direct and lifelong impact?
  • How much would you pay so your kids learned how to work together, overcoming obstacles, as they would when they cook with you?
  • Is the ability to execute a plan from beginning to end, as in preparing a dish following a simple recipe, a valuable one? What about time management?
  • Is it important to learn math or science in a fascinating and fun way?
  • Did you realize that by trying new recipes or cooking with your kids you are engaging them to share their skills and knowledge, sparking new thinking or inviting creative thought?
  • Do you believe that kids will learn more about comfort, warmth, friendship, and hospitality in books than around the family table?

Chances are that, until now, you had considered cooking for you and your kids as an unavoidable, bothersome task, at least sometimes. It tends to be an undervalued activity. Probably, you hadn't considered cooking as a way to practice your organizing, time management, and creative skills. Be aware; there is all that and much more. If you stop to think about it, you will agree that there is more than sustenance to preparing and sharing meals, and, as we have to eat daily, we better get that cooking right. 

Have I got your head spinning by now?  Imagine for a minute that a cookbook existed…

  • Focused on childhood nutrition, now recognized as a priority around the world.
  • Aware of the significant connections between diet, exercise, and health.
  • Well informed about what a well-balanced diet really means.
  • Where recipes come with nutritional information to help you estimate daily calorie intake and plan balanced menus.
  • Directed to the usually time-pressed cook.
  • Sensitive to modern family time patterns, where both parents work and the individual timetables make it difficult for the family to eat at the same time.

There is an Easy Way

There is Kids Recipes including recipes, ideas, tips, strategies and solutions to get you started. Soon enough you will have a selection of your favorite munchies, you will be ready to create your own – the on line book is designed to help you do just that-- and Kids Recipes will become your reference when you just want something different.

Easy, Healthy Recipes for Kids, and the other books we are working on, are available as a live book and you will be able to see the books, and recipe collection, grow online.

You Can Do More

I believe all kids should enjoy a fullsome and healthy diet. They need to eat well to grow well. I want to share Kids Recipes with all parents and people who are raising children so they have access to practical information about nutrition and healthy eating for kids. Only that researching, creating and publishing the content takes time and effort. I need help.

Support Kids Recipes to give the parents and carers who need it most access to all the information.

There is no risk as you decide how to support Kids Recipes and set the amount. And you will get your money back if you change your mind within 30 DAYS. No questions asked, no hassles, 30 DAYS, money back guaranteed!

Although I will appreciate your feedback.

Your Guarantee

Put our statements to the test. The access is free. Examine the content, see the new articles, and try some of the recipes. If you support us you will have a whole 30 days to decide if the support you provided is worth it.

Hundreds of people have loved these easy recipes and I think that you will love them too. I feel very confident that you will find this web site valuable and you will want to help others to enjoy the same privilege.

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, if Kids Recipes doesn’t live up to your expectations, you will not lose anything. Just tell us so and we will refund your money and cancel your subcription, if you chose to support us every month. No questions asked. Right up to the final day of this 30 day period.

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Easy, healthy Recipes for Kids and the other books and reports will help you to make your kids lives as healthy as they possibly can be.

Anne Ehmer

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