About Kids Recipes

Founded in 2005, Kids Recipes (www.kids-recipes.com) helps busy parents to feed their children the right food from an early age to their late teens, and to introduce them to healthy eating habits so they will continue to eat healthily through their lives. The website and publications are full of great ideas to give kids a balanced diet, including basic nutrition for children, and a varied selection of easy, fun to eat recipes that will keep kids as happy as they are healthy.

Anne Ehmer, a world traveler mom turned food writer. Anne wanted to share her ideas with the world because it was clear for her that we are what we eat, and we cannot eat just about anything and stay healthy. She wrote her book "Easy, Healthy Recipes for Kids." Anne wanted to make the information available to a wide range of parents, so she asked her friend Marta, a copywriter with some years of web design experience, to design a dynamic site as a companion to the book.

Although eating well looks complicated -- food has changed and so has our life, and not many people can stay home and cook -- you can still achieve it at home and prepare cook healthy delicious meals, some times quick, other times taking a little time, but always easy.

We provide easy healthy recipes and advice for kid cooking and cooking for the whole family. Yes, what is healthy for the kids is also healthy for the adults.

Every one interested in healthy recipes is welcome. You can read the articles published in Kids Foodstuffs on line, or get them delivered them directly to your email address. You can come back whenever you want to check our new recipes. You can contribute to them, too.

Share you favorite recipes and your best ideas. You can send them using our contact form or by email. You can write to us and use ordinary mail or fax.


The contents of "Easy, Healthy Recipes for Kids" and this site are for informational purposes only. The contents have been carefully researched for accuracy; however this information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate or infallible.

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