Candy wreath

Entertain your kids with food crafts, decorate your home and keep snack. Select colors suited to the holiday.

You will need

1 package m&m sweets or any other small candy such as gumdrops, jelly beans; plastic wrap; pipe cleaner; ribbon; wire, a wire coat hanger works best.

How to do it

Cut plastic wrap into 6-inch squares. Place a bunch of m&m sweets in the middle. Gather corners and twist tightly. Secure with pipe cleaner.

Cluster individual balls into one large one, connecting each ball with the adjoining pipe cleaner. Tie "curling" ribbon around the cluster to form a loop at the top.

Form a circle from a wire coat hanger, the hook forms the hanging loop. Attach cluster balls to the hanger with pipe cleaners.

Tie a large bow at the top of the wreath.