Causes of poor eating habits

Poor eating habits are not a one day thing. These habits build during a long period of time and for several reasons. Knowing the problem at the root of unhealthy eating habits will make easier the task of changing the eating patterns and prevent the effects.

What causes poor eating habits?

What doesn't? It seems that there are so many different ways to develop poor eating habits that if we wrote them all down, we'd never quit writing. You could probably give us a long list right now, but there are some of them out there that could be new to you. So keep an open mind and read on, because any additional information could be crucial to giving your kids the kind of healthy life they need.

Emotional distress

There are all kinds of emotions that can create poor eating in children. It could be anything from other kids making fun of them at school to nerves from an upcoming test taking over. We know you don't really want to think about these types of things happening to your child in the near future, but remember them for when the time comes.

Busy schedules

It's probably one of the most popular reasons people run into poor eating habits. You're late, the kids are late, and instead of eating breakfast, you hit the drive thru right before school. Once it becomes evident that this is an easy out to your day, then it becomes a habit and you all end up suffering. Just stop and think about what you can do to improve your timely manner. Even if it means getting up 5 minutes earlier.

Wrong foods available

If you're house or apartment is full of soda, candy, ice cream, Doritos, and other similar snacks then poor eating habits are almost inevitable. One thing that can result if you try to get rid of everything is arguments between you and your children. So be sure to slowly wean them off something until it's just not around to be eaten anymore. An easy transition will only help keep the household running smooth.

Medical conditions

On occasion, you will find that both medical conditions and medicines can ultimately be a major factor in your eating habits. Sometimes you will realize that your body is telling you its hungry when it's not and vice versa. In the end, it not only constitutes poor eating habits, but could really end up damaging yours or your child's body.

List of possible causes

Find below a list of possible causes for poor eating habits. Does any of them apply to your case?

  • every child has different nutritional needs based on their height, weight, activity level, allergies, etc....
  • a poor example will foster poor eating habits
  • the food choices available if junk food is available more than healthy choices then junk food is going to be eaten more often
  • a child's emotions may push them into overeating, this is a pattern you want to be aware of and watch out for early as it can be very problematic if it continues throughout life
  • medical conditions and medication may affect a child's appetite inhibiting their ability to learn when they're truly hungry and not hungry, full and not full, etc.
  • likewise frequent illnesses can lead to bad habits and repetitive choices
  • frequent stops at fast food restaurants and drive througs
  • too few meals during the day, in our hurried lifestyles meal skipping becomes more and more normal
  • lack of food education when they haven't learned early what foods are good for them and what foods are not good for them and more importantly the cause and effect that can happen from it
  • inactivity and poor eating habits seem to go hand in hand particularly in children
  • struggles and arguments between parent and child over what to eat and not eat can lead to poor choice making
  • anxiety and stress plays a large role in decisions about food even for children

The remedy?

Well, that's pretty simple, right? Do everything opposite of what each one of the subheadings above promotes. No seriously, we understand this is a difficult thing to overcome, but if you have the will power to stay true to a routine then it will be easier. Just remember, when you first start out it's going to be difficult, but over time it'll get better. Just be prepared and you'll do great.