Frugal & Tasty Birthday Parties

Home decorated cakes or goodie bags filled with tasty home cooked treats are a sample of the things that can make a birthday party a delicious and unforgetable experience, even at low cost one.

Home Decorated Birthday Cakes

One of the reasons many parents end up buying professionally made cakes is because they feel it would take too much work to create something that looks appealing... and is tasty, too. If you have an oven, this should be, well, a piece of cake for you.

Making your own professional looking birthday cakes is easier than it seems and helps to save money.

Chefs in the Making

Looking for birthday party acitvities? Have the kids make ice cream sundaes, decorate their own cupcakes or cookies, or even frost and decorate the cake. It's all about mixing colors and having fun, so why not involve the kids and have some fun?

Even pizzas can be part of the fun and creative process, too. Pre-cook the crusts and get them ready by cutting into serving size pieces. Then set out a nice assortment of toppings that kids like. Have each child design their own snack by topping a piece or two with their own special choices. Pop it in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese, then cool and watch the kids find their own special creations and dig right in.

All of these activities are affordable because they are all about kids getting involved in the process. Kids don't want to sit by and watch the fun happen at a party. Kids want to get their hands dirty and join right in. Give your party-goers something to do and watch the fun happen.

Tasty Goodies

Bake your own goodies for affordable and delicious treats. Bake cookies, rice krispie squares, or brownies. Then wrap them tightly and put them in the goodie bag to take home.

You might even want to make sugar cookies in the shape of girls and boys, then use the frosting to 'monogram' a cookie with each child's name for a personalized goodie bag. You could also use alphabet cookie cutters to put the child's initials in their goodie bag. These personalized goodie bags will be the hit of the party, and they are inexpensive to make.