Fun & healthy snacks

Kids seem to be always hungry. True, children need to eat little and often; little because they don’t have much room to sink the food in, often because they are still growing and their need for energy is higher, compared to their weight, than a grown up person. Besides, healthy kids are active and that increases their energy needs.

Healthy home made snacks for kids - ideas for healthy snacks to offer your kids, either sweet or savory. Offer fresh, wholesome food to keep your children active and well.

Snacks with peanut butter - Kids like peanut butter. You can like that because peanut butter is healthy and offers many snack possibilities.

Healthy snack recipes for kids - find a selection of great healthy snacks to make for your kids.

Creative snack recipes for kids - healthy and something more, fun to eat and fun to prepare.

Cool and healthy snacks for kids - these are ideal in the warm weather.

Healthy snacks for lunch boxes - send them with somethings healthy and yummy, so they are not likely to trade it.

Healthy after school snacks - for those times when the kids come back hungry from school, which is virtually every day.

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