Basic equipment for healthy cooking

Making the decision to start cooking healthy is great, but there is some basic cooking equipment that you will need first. The list of supplies below will help cooks of all skill levels create quick and healthy meals for their families.

Cookware – You’ve probably got an assortment of pots and pans already, which is good. However, you may find it beneficial to replace some of your current cookware pieces with more expensive, longer-lasting pieces. Cast iron is a great cookware option as it’s made for durability. Additionally, cast iron is said to help boost the nutritional value in foods as it impart iron. Other healthy cookware options include copper-bottomed stainless steel and enamelware.

Blender – If you want to eat healthier, you definitely need to invest in a good blender. Blenders will allow you to make a quick fruit smoothie as well as a number of other things. For instance, you can use a blender to make fresh mashed potatoes, homemade salsa, fruit and veggie purees and much more!

Pressure Cooker – A pressure cooker is another great tool for the healthy cook. Not only will it save you time, but it will also keep more nutrients locked into the foods you cook in it. You can cook foods such as dried beans, brown rice, vegetables and even meats in a pressure cooker…in far less time! There is a wide variety of pressure cookers available for consumers, making it easy for you to find one in your price range!

Knives – Every cook needs some good knives in the kitchen, regardless of whether you’re cooking healthy or not. While you don’t need an entire set of good knives, you will need two or three reliable knives.

Some knives are very expensive, but remember that a good knife can last a lifetime when cared for properly. In addition, good knives make preparing food much easier. The three knives you should start with are a bread knife, paring knife and a large chopping knife.

Food Scales – Many people think food scales are a waste of space. This is not true, especially for those who want to start cooking healthier meals. Food scales allow you to count calories, control portions and measure precisely for recipes!

Juicer – Finally, every healthy cook needs a good juicer. Juicers are similar to blenders, but they are a little different in the fact that they remove plant fibers in foods such as carrots and wheat grass – a blender isn’t able to do that.  What’s the benefit of this? Many believe that the body is better able to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream when the digestive system doesn’t have to mess with extra fiber.