Being clean and tidy makes cooking easier. It will also make cooking more fun the next time you do; and leaving the kitchen clean and tidy when you finish will make sure you are allowed there more often.

  • If you have long hair, tie it back before cooking.  This not only will prevent hair in the food but accidents, as well. Long hair can catch fire if near the burner.
  • Roll up your sleeves and wear and apron. Loose clothes are not good for cooking.
  • Make sure work surface and all equipment are clean.
  • Always wash your hands before cooking. Wash them before handling different types of food.
  • Thoroughly wash all raw vegetables and fruits to remove dirt, chemicals, and insecticides.
  • Use a cutting board when cutting up vegetables and fruits. Don't cut them up on the work surface or in your hand.
  • Use different cutting boards for meat and vegetables, if possible. If not, wash the cutting board in between different uses, especially after cutting raw meat.
  • Always wash knives in between uses.
  • Use clean kitchen towels. Use a different towel to dry your hands than the ones used to dry dishes.
  • Be clean and tidy. Try to leave the kitchen tidy when you finish.

Hygiene is the art of being clean and tidy.