Accidents can happen when handling hot food and sharp knives. Be sure to know the basic safety rules and ask for adult help when you need it, for instance, to move food out of a hot oven, cook on the hob, use a sharp knife, use the food processor or to learn how to handle a tool you had not used before.

  • Always use pot holders and oven gloves when handling hot pans and trays.
  • Always move the pan handle to the side or the back when cooking on a stove. This way you will not catch your cloth on them and it makes more difficult to knock the pan off the stove.
  • Lift the lid of any pot with boiling liquid with the opening away from you. This way the steam will not burn you.
  • Hold the handle steady while you stir hot food in a pan.
  • Place a hot pan on a heat proof surface when you remove them from the stove. Having a heat proof mat is the best solution.
  • For vegetables and fruits, use a peeler. Be sure to peel and cut in a direction away from you and your fingers.
  • Do not walk around with a sharp knife in your hands. Keep sharp knives in their block or drawer when not in use. If you leave them on the work surface, place them in the middle, where you cannot hit the handle and knock the knife of the worktop.
  • Dry your hands before plugging or unplugging electrical equipment.
  • Remember to turn the stove or the oven off when you finish.
  • Wipe up any spills on the floor as soon as they happen to prevent accidents.


  • If you get burned, hold the burn under cold running water. Cold water helps to take the heat out. Rubbing butter or grease would only make it worse. For more information, read burns.
  • If the cooking oil catches fire, throw baking soda or salt at the bottom of the flame to put it out.  Try to turn the burners off while you call for help. Water will not put out a grease fire.