Kids like it!

We know kids like good food and they like cooking

This newsletter makes a great starting point to renew your cooking style. Virtually all the content is devoted to natural cooking, using the freshest ingredients possible. You can decide whether to add the published recipes to your cookbook or swap them out for recipes of your own.

The recipes from Foodstuffs are intended to make cooking easier by suggesting the sort of ingredients you may want to include and their proportions, but don't let it limit you. You can add a little more or a little less; it is a matter of personal preference. The same is also true for the ingredients themselves - feel free to change them to better suit your particular needs; where it says "veal" you may use turkey, or chicken. Don't be afraid to get creative and combine the ingredients in a different way to make your meal as engaging as possible.

Easy recipes for kids is what all this is about and, as life today is always packed with events, will also try to make them quick. Kids seem to be always hungry. That is why we will dedicate the next issue of Foodstuffs to snacks. We are going to scout the web searching for healthy snack recipes for kids. Going a step more than healthy, we will search for creative snack recipes for kids. We'd love to hear from you! If you have any suggestion, please use our contact form to tell us about it. Have fun and cook a great meal!