A feast fit for royalty

Gather the royal court for a birthday party to remember for your prince or princess.

Prepare a feast fit for Royalty

Little girls love to dress up in their fancy clothes and play jewelry to be a princess for the day. Boys play the valiant prince and slay the dragon, though they may shy away from kissing the princess. If you are playing a royal theme for your next birthday celebration here are some ideas for food that will fit your theme.

The Castle

Creating a castle cake can be very simple, or complex depending on your skill and confidence level. A very simple design is to bake a 9x13 cake. When it has cooled, frost it. Then place sugar cones upside down at the four corners for castle towers. Fly small flags at the top of the towers. These can be purchased, or create your own personalized flags by simple gluing small decorated squares of paper onto a toothpick.

For a more elaborate castle cake, use different shaped cake pans to create layers to build your castle. Ice cream or sugar cones create the spires of your castle. Create a moat in the bottom layer of your cake by digging out a trench around the castle and filling it with blue frosting. A moat can also be created by simply using blue frosting on the base your cake sits on. Frosted Graham crackers will serve as your bridge.

Whether you create a simple or more complex cake, color and texture can be added with chocolate chips, colored sugar, edible silver balls, and other embellishments. Check your local party or craft store for cake decorating supplies.

Beyond the Castle

The food for the party can be very simple. Serve things that kids enjoy such as sandwiches, fruit, and other finger foods. Presentation is the key to making the food fun and fit the theme of the party. Simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into stars, diamonds, or hearts become food fit for royalty. Jello jigglers in a variety of shapes and colors become the queen's jewels. Spark ling juice served in wine glasses (glass or plastic depending on the age of the children) adds a festive feel to the meal. Create royal fruit parfaits, or fruit wands for a healthy treat for the party.

Celebrating with your prince, or princess and their royal court is easy and fun. Enjoy your special day.