Finger foods are fun party food for children that won't break your budget.

Great Finger Foods for Children Parties

Whether the occasion is a birthday or other special event, you want your child's party to be memorable. You want your child to remember it as a special day. You want the guests to have fun. What you don't want is to spend a small fortune and have the party be "memorable" on your finances for months to come.

One of the biggest expenses of any party is the food. Preparing the food yourself will dramatically cut the costs of the party. Remember, these are kids, feed them what they like, but for a party make it a little more fun. Below are some ideas to keep your party food cheap and healthy, while making it fun for the children.

Peanut Butter

What kid does not like peanut butter?

Make this standard a fun party food with the following suggestions:

Peanut Butter Roll Ups - Spread peanut butter and jelly on a tortilla. Roll up the tortilla, and then slice in one inch pieces.

Sandwiches with a Twist - Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread and use a large cookie cutter or a knife to make them into fun shapes.

Add marshmallow cream or fruit like thinly sliced apples or bananas to the sandwich. Jelly may be omitted.

Or grill your peanut butter and jelly sandwich like you would grilled cheese, also good with chocolate instead of jelly. Butter the outside of the sandwich and fry in a pan until golden brown.

Serve with Fruit and Veggies

Be sure none of your guests are allergic to nuts before planning peanut butter items for your menu.

Apples slices, bananas, and celery are all favorites when paired with peanut butter.

Fruit - A sweet and healthy treat.

Kabobs - Serve fresh fruit on toothpick or plastic sword kabobs. Use yogurt for dipping.

Fruit Sundaes - Serve fresh fruit in a waffle cone. Top with yogurt, whipped cream, nuts, or shredded coconut.

Frozen - If fresh fruit is out of season, a frugal alternative is to use canned or frozen fruit to make a fruit slush. Mix canned fruit cocktail with frozen berries. Freeze the whole mixture, and thaw in the refrigerator a few hours before the party. By party time, the mixture will be a refreshing treat.


Kids really go for pizza. Make your own cheese and pepperoni pizza, and serve in small squares, or have a little more fun with the following suggestions:

Make it a Sandwich - Create calzones. Start with a individual sized pizza dough. Add the toppings, and then fold the dough over. Press the dough together at the edges and make a small hole in the top of each one before baking.

Individualize - Shape dough into individual sized pizzas. Provide a variety of toppings, and allow children to pick their own. Bake and serve. To make this even simpler use pita bread, buns, or English muffins instead of pizza dough.

Make it Fruity - Create a fruit pizza by mixing sugar cookie dough for your crust. Bake and cool. Top with cream cheese and fresh fruit. Bagels make for a quick and easy individual crust too.

Veg Out - Use biscuit dough for the crust. Bake and cool. Or for individual sized vegetable pizzas use tortillas or pita bread. Mix cream cheese with dry ranch dressing mix and spread on the crust. Top with finely chopped fresh vegetables and shredded cheese.


What is a party without a cake?

Make it Yourself

Making your own cake costs a fraction of what you will pay at a bakery. Cakes like Jessie's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake, are very simple to make. Decorations can be bought at party stores.

Individually Sized

Cupcakes, or even cheesecake made in individual portions are convenient for children to eat. Match your party theme simply and cheaply with a bit of card stock, toothpicks, and stickers. Cut the card stock in small squares. Place a toothpick on the square and use the sticker to secure it.


Sundae bars are always popular with children. Provide fruit, candy, nuts, and other toppings and allow them to create their own.

Create a memorable children's party without leaving a large dent in your budget. Make your own cheap and healthy children's favorites for a fun and frugal party. The children will enjoy the party, and your wallet will enjoy the savings.