Kids Christmas cookies

Let the kids help with the baking. It will give them something productive to do while they wait for the Christmas day to arrive.

Grown ups, kids can get involved in the Christmas cooking tradition by making their cookies! There are many easy and healthy recipes that kids can make with a little help from their parents. From gingerbread cookies to sugar cookies, kids will have a blast baking and decorating their very own Christmas cookies.

Christmas is a special time for treats. We might make some to indulge ourselves, some to give as presents, and, of course, some to treat Santa and his reindeers.

These kids Christmas cookies are ideal to satisfy their desire to make and eat sweet things. Here there are some recipes.These cookies will please Santa, aunts and grandmothers alike.

It’s Christmas! Or, actually, it’s almost Christmas. Still I can’t wait. I wake up at five a.m., though I am not to leave my room and wake anyone until six a.m., more the pity. But I just can’t help sneaking out of my room just to peek at what Santa has left me and rushing back so no one knows I was out. Now I have to sit, wide awake, for an hour before I can wake my children. If I was lucky Santa left a few cookies on the plate, and I can take those with me.

And that brings us to the question, what types of cookies does Santa like? He goes all over the world and gets to taste so many different cookies, how can we make sure that ours stand out? Let’s think, what do we know about Santa? He is happy, lives with elves and reindeer, lives in the snow and is married to Mrs. Clause. Besides that, he likes to bring us presents!

We know that Santa Clause is jolly, and what makes us a little happy? Chocolate! We could leave Santa a plate of minty chocolate chip cookies, but how good have we actually been this year? We need to make up for pushing our little brother or cutting our little sister’s hair. Why not make chocolate, chocolate chip cookies with a little mint that is sure to tell him we are sorry.

Santa lives with elves, right? Elves make toys and love candy canes. Maybe Santa is homesick on Christmas Eve. We should really make him feel a little better. A great why to do that is to make candy cane cookies. You can cut them out in different shapes, and decorate them with white and red. Santa might even take a few home, to share them with his elf friends. They might remember us a little better come next year. And then there are the reindeer. Why stop at sprinkling reindeer food on your front lawn? Santa would be grateful for some oatmeal, raisin and chocolate chip cookies that he can share with his deer.

Our next problem is snow. Since Santa lives in the North Pole and is always surrounded by snow, Would he like to be reminded of snow, or warmed up? I know if I was him I would rather be warmed up and would prefer molasses spiced cookies, with some snowflake cookies on the side. Then we really should think about Mrs. Clause and what she might like Mr. Clause to have. I like to think she would serve him either egg free banana cookies, or super cookies.

Kids, all these Santa cookies should be made with a grown-up; we don’t want them to feel left out. Try not to eat all the dough before you have a chance to cook them up, and remember to leave some out on a plate, with some eggnog, hot cocoa or a glass of milk on Christmas Eve. I hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

Kids Christmas cookies are a special treat for a special time, when we might make some to indulge ourselves, some to give as presents, and, of course, some to treat Santa and his reindeers. Let the kids help with the baking. These recipes are ideal to satisfy their desire to make and eat sweet things. Christmas cookies will please Santa, aunts and grannies alike.

Candy cane cookies

Chocolate chip mint cookies

Egg free banana cookies

Molasses spiced cookies

Reindeer food cookies

Super cookies

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