Easy strawberry jelly pie

Strawberry jelly pie is a treat, or dessert, quick to have ready. It may a way to entice children to have fruit.


1 c water
2 c yogurt (better vanilla yogurt)
1 pk jelly (strawberry flavor)
4 c strawberry (washed, stemmed, sliced)
  cream (optional, whipped cream for decoration)


Heat water in a pan. Take off stove, add package of jelly and stir. Allow to cool a little and mix in yogurt.

Line a pie plate with sliced strawberries. Pour pudding on top of strawberries.

Allow to set in refrigerator for at least one hour until firm or overnight for best result.

Top whipped cream, if desired.

6 servings
Cooking time
Preparation time
Total time
25 minutes


Follow instruction on the jelly package to heat water to the right temperature.

Substitute strawberries with raspberries, and strawberry jello with raspberry jello, and you will have an easy raspberry jelly pie. Creating more variations of fruit, mixing in the same or a complementary jelly, is equally easy.

Young children can help to prepare the strawberries and line the pie plate. Older children may be able to prepare jelly on their own, especially as water can be heated in the microwave oven only to the point needed to dissolve the gelatin.

If you don't have it, substitute 2 cups vanilla yogurt with 1 cup water and 1 package vanilla pudding. Boil the pudding with the water and add jello when you remove the pan from the heat.