Sweet apple dessert

This dessert is easy to prepare and tastes like heaven. Children enjoy being able to make fancy desserts especially for their parents. This one tops the list of easy and the kids will feel like they have made something very special with their own two hands. Be sure to use a good crisp cooking apple so it doesn't turn mushy. Other good cooking apples besides Gala include Fuji or Braeburn. Raisins may also be substituted for the cranberries.


1 apple (crips Gala apple)
1 T cranberries (dried cranberries)
1 T sugar (brown sugar)
2 T butter (or margarine)
1⁄2 c granola


Cut the apple in half, cut out the core, scoop out the seeds and place the halves in separate bowls.

Sprinkle the cranberries evenly over both halves of the apple.

Sprinkle each apple with brown sugar.

Place 1 tsp of margarine onto each apple half.

Cover the bowls with plastic wrap leaving a little of the bowl uncovered so steam can be released.

Microwave on high for 3 minutes or until the apple is just beginning to soften.

Sprinkle with the granola before serving.

Total time
20 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
2 servings