Banana popsicles (banana lollies)

One of the first treats that very young kids can prepare.


1 banana
2 t honey (or 2-3 tablespoons melted chocolate)
2 T sprinkles (chocolate sprinkles work best)


Peel the banana and cut in half.

Inert a popsicle stick into the cut end of the banana.

Drip a little honey on the banana and spread.

Roll honey coated banana in chocolate sprinkler until it is evenly covered.

Preparation time
2 servings


You will also need 2 popsicle sticks and a shallow dish to roll the banana in the topping. You can coat the banana in different toppings: brown sugar and cinnamon, very finely chopped nuts, wheat germ, cocoa, or ordinary sprinklers.

Chocolate dipped banana popsicles.

If you wish to make banana pops in larger quantities, or you are going to cook with older children, cover the bananas in melted chocolate instead of honey. It is easier to spread.

You will need to rest the popsicles on a grid until the chocolate sets again. Chocolate dipped banana popsicles can also be frozen as a summer treat.