Frozen fruit treats

Frozen treats that even kids of pre-school age can prepare with little help and the best part is that they will eat fruit like candy!


1 banana (peeled and cut into thick slices)
1 c grape (seedless grapes, either white, red or a mixture of both)
4 T juice (optional, lemon juice)


If using, toss banana slices in the lemon juice, or sprinkle lemon juice over banana slices.

Put banana slices and washed grapes on a paper plate.


Once frozen, eat like candy.

Preparation time
1 batch


Use disposable paper plates to freeze the fruit pieces. It is easy to remove the frozen fruit bits from a paper plate.

If not eaten fast enough, and not treated, cut frozen fruit can also get that brown color even if browning does not happen as fast as with fresh fruit. Lemon or orange juice will prevent browning and keep the frozen banana slices looking fresh a little longer.

Transfer frozen fruit bits to a freezer bag and store until the kids are ready for another frozen treat.