Pineapple cream cheese sandwich

This simple sandwich is so easy for the kids to throw together and it makes for quite a tasty sandwich.


1 pk cheese (cream cheese, 8 oz package)
4 T pineapple (crushed pineapple, well drained)
4 bagel (open)
4 pineapple (pienapple rings, drained)


Place the cream cheese into a mixing bowl.

Add the crushed pineapple and stir until smooth.

Spread the cream cheese mixture over the bottom half of the bagel.

Place a pineapple ring onto each bagel half.

Top with the remaining half.

Preparation time
4 servings


Be sure to have them take out the cream cheese early so it can soften.

Have them try adding a little finely shredded carrot to the cream cheese mixture. They may turn up their nose at first but they are sure to enjoy the final results.